I have been working and living in Thailand since 1994, and much of my experience there is covered in my Guide to Thailand and Bangkok,

Trips to most other countries were short, as a tourist, though I did some short consulting work from time to time.


Bangalore, India, and the unreliability of guide books. October 2007 - with photos!

Beijing, China. May 2007 - with photos!

Japan. August 1998 (no photos yet)

Hanoi, Vietnam. November 2006 - with photos!

Saigon, Vietnam. August 2010 - with photos!

Singapore - I had two good trip articles over ten years apart, but I can't find them!

Laos - 1994, 1995, been there many times, love the people, set up the country's first internet connection in 1994, went back a few times, once at Lao government expense on Lao Aviation to teach some top people about internet ... but I can't find my notes on this.

Philippines, 1997, haven't found my notes. I took my Thai wife on a trip to the Philippines where I helped two colleagues who I worked with in Bangkok to set up a new office for a multinational company in a highrise there, in Makati, Manila. I wrote a good trip report on this ... I'll go ahead and say that I and my wife didn't like the Philippines and left as quickly as we could, but we were in the city center of Manila, and I've heard it's much nicer in the countryside. It was the crime and general aggressiveness on the street which really turned me off. The English is good, and Filipinos are hard working, but I would caution anyone about just going to the Philippines and walking around.

Malaysia, 1995, can't find my notes.

Myanmar (Burma) 2008 - with photos! - direct link, but included in northern Thailand below

Thailand - but photos still pending

Cambodia - Angkor Wat, Siem Reap - April 2008 with Na - story and photos pending

Someday, I might have time to find old photos and post them above, but my humanistic work comes first. > Travels

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