Ethics and Experiences

"He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her." - Jesus, when confronting a group preparing to stone a woman to death for adultery. She was not stoned and the group all departed, one by one. JOHN 8:7

These are not pages to make "holier than thou" assertions. They are intended to try to help people. I would like to share many things I have learned in life. (I am often my own biggest critic.)

We all make mistakes, and what is important is that we acknowledge our mistakes, learn from them, reprogram our minds to not repeat them, and follow up exercising good behaviors. This is a key to improved quality of life, ethical/intellectual class, minimizing regrets in your old age (who on their death bed ranks money, misdeeds, or esteem in the eyes of unethical people, as the most important things to them in life?), and increased holiness.

I have split this section up into the following articles. Originally, the first article on the list below was this section, more or less, but the section grew a lot so I split it up into more articles and reorganized things, before adding more content. > Ethics, Experiences

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Ethics, Experiences :
  The Greater Good
  Success/Power Corrupts
  True Altruism
  Apologies and Forgiveness

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