When I Die

Death is inevitable, and I have been increasingly preparing myself for it in recent years, especially because of some health issues which have recently arisen.

I have some accomplishments which I am proud of, mainly promoting PERMANENT and space settlement, warning about the risks of advancing biotechnology, and also helping many good people and good projects.

I have many regrets in life, but after them, I tried to learn and improve and do better in the world. I didn't wait until I was old.

I took too long to sufficiently rise above my ego and worrying about my relative status, which I finally made major gains in when I was in my 30s.

I regret that I didn't stay in the USA at age 35 and ramp up internet businesses like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk, which are businesses I had thought about fairly thoroughly but just not implemented, as I was a very early adopter of the internet and a service provider. I could have self-funded PERMANENT. Instead, I thought that I could focus on developing the PERMANENT concepts and there would be wealthy people willing to make philanthropic investments into it. I greatly overestimated human nature.

Now I mainly hope that humankind will survive and not go extinct due to gains in biological technology leading to biowarfare or a laboratory accident, or gains in artificial intelligence which may greatly enhance those biotechnology and nanotechnology threats. This is the focus of the rest of my life. I will try to do my best, and I hope you can help out.

My wife and long time inseparable partner Na is an enthusiastic supporter of my work. I am constantly trying to help maintain her health, so that we can continue on this road. We are getting older, and we are more and more vulnerable. Na has high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and lung problems. Na also tries to take care of me, and puts a lot of time and effort into that.

From what I have seen in the improvement of artificial intelligence, genetics, and nanotechnology, the next 10 years are absolutely crucial for humankind's survival. I hope that I can help lead humankind to survival.

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