The Human - Computer Interface, Organization, and Memory

The Human-Computer interface, and how we use computers for our extended memory and organization of our lives, is one of the issues in life which most fascinates me.

Today, I am extremely reliant on my laptop computer for running my life, yet I grew up without computers, and was 26 years old before I touched a personal computer (when the IBM clones first came out, which were affordable to me, in 1985).

Can you imagine life without computers and internet? Well, that's how my generation grew up.

Nevertheless, looking around me at how most other people operate, there is a lot of room for improvement in most peoples' lives regarding how they can use computers to help with basic personal lifestyle.

A key to that is the design of software to be user friendly while offering the practical features which people need.

For my own small companies, I custom design software because I usually cannot find anything out there which has either or both of these needs.

As you've noticed elsewhere on this website, I have a keen interest in artificial general intelligence (AGI), which will surely be our descendant if humans survive the extinction threats of biotechnology and nanotechnology long enough to create that AGI.

The path to development of AGI becomes a bit clearer when we understand how human intelligence can use computer tools to augment our own performance. Some people call this intelligence augmentation.

The key to artificial general intelligence is the software, not just the hardware.

Meanwhile, I depend heavily on my computers for my memory (perfect on the computer, not in my head) and organization.

I also depend heavily on the internet for both information and also networking with people, albeit not by Facebook or other lowest common denominator social networking sites, but by my own system ... > Lifestyle > Human-Computer Interface

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