Favorite Links

There are various links on my websites which I won't mention here. These are general links which don't fit anywhere else.

All time favorite site is Wikipedia. That is my school.

The Economist has been my favorite general magazine since around 1980 when I discovered it in my university library. Very high quality of journalism. Now I subscribe so that I can download the audio version to listen to while I drive. I unzip it, choose the articles I want to listen to, copy them to an SDRAM card or USB memory stick (I bought a player for my car around 2005 which takes both), and listen to them while I'm driving and cannot read. The iPhone app is buggy and their I.T. department needs much better quality control, really a shame.

I do not watch many videos. I find them a not very efficient use of my very limited time. However, when people send me links to podcasts and MP3 audio files of high quality and high information density, which I can listen to while driving, that is always appreciated! The problem with podcasts is that you can spend so much time looking for them that it cancels the benefits of listening to them during driving times, so referrals and recommendations are highly valued. Otherwise, I just get professional productions with editors from quality sources, like The Economist.

Favorite video news outlets are Al Jazeera and CNN. However, I watch these only when NatGeo, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and other educational programs are rather dry. Fox News grates on me -- what provocative, lowest common denominator, conflict mongering journalism, anything to draw in the money.

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