This page is where I want to put articles which I write when I have spare time, as my business runs itself more and more, and I get more free time. Young, creative life is short, and I don't want to get too old before I start this. I've also written many articles over the years which don't fit within any particular other websites of mine, or which I haven't yet linked in anywhere else, but they're so scattered around, often just text. A list of my main websites is in the Projects section. I have written a lot over the decades which has not made it into a website, or which was subsequently lost in server moves. I write stuff, but then I get distracted and busy... Lots of unfinished compositions in my \new directory...

I am still trying to conceptualize and organize this section, general articles.


I'll drop things into this Miscellaneous section, and when I put together enough articles to make a good subsection, then I create that subsection.

Cryonics - a brief page on freezing your body when you die so that future technology can bring you back to life in a future world, including my own commentary regarding the way these services are marketed vs. what I think will be the reality of the future -- we will become memory museums on a future bio-Internet. Preserve the intangible experiences of history -- have your brain frozen when you die! As a second priority to #1 above, I'd like to facilitate the freezing of brains of old people from diverse cultures, especially those which have been relatively isolated and native. Notably, this article has a lot of incoming links, and if you just type the one word "Cryonics" into Google, this article comes up on the first page. It used to be #1/#1 (top of page 1) but as of October 2007 it has slipped to #7 on page 1. I haven't done anything at all to search engine optimize this page, and it's pretty much as it was when first written and published on the web in 1995. Very short article. Another good place to start is the Wikipedia article on Cryonics.

When computers get smarter than humans, what will happen to humans?

Internet: Challenges of Anarchy, Failures of Governance


I used to get really angry and sucked into current events when I saw injustices occur. However, after realizing the advent of nanotechnology and biotechnology were a threat to our species and life on Earth itself, I stopped getting so involved in lesser matters.

Also, after living and working in Washington, D.C., for 10 years and seeing all the corruption (especially in the U.S. government) as well as world suffering, it has become clear to me that the evil in this world as well as the suffering is overwhelming and will never be stopped until we genetically modify the human animal.

My interest in politics started in the 1970s at my university when I wanted to do something for environmental preservation, as our species is destroying so much of the world by industrialization and overpopulation. I also wanted to solve the energy ailment, to get rid of dependence on Middle East oil as well as relieve other fossil fuel ills like acid rain which was causing a lot of other environmental degradation. At times, I was really angered, such as at my university when I saw some films of Latin American dictators' police state repression of dissent and press freedom, especially killings and torture. These dictators were propped up by the US government and various American and other multinational business interests.

I took a lot of classes in political science, and people in that department actually thought I was a political science major because I was so keen in class and knowledgeable far beyond what was taught in class. I was elected President of the political science honorary society and made it an active organization with a televised debate and other activities, rather than just the usual passive honorary distinction stuff. (I got by B.Sc. in physics, not political science.)

Anyway, from time to time, I have written political articles, though I really restrain myself most of the time now. Here are a couple of old articles:

  • Bush and Missile Defense - I must have written this in 2001 before 9/11. I worked in a Pentagon program in the mid-1980s for space-based missile defense. I thought it was a collossal waste of money in many ways compared to other threats, but I was interested in some of the applications of the technology and capabilities being developed which could be applied to other purposes. I have been a critic of missile defense spending over the years, and was appalled that Bush Jr. was going back to this, so I wrote this article. A cheaper terminal defense against small incoming missiles I can understand, but not the major spending I saw. We must be careful not to escalate an arms race or show too much arrogance. I am a big proponent of mutual intelligence gathering in order to reduce paranoia and arms races. Anyway, I removed this article from my PERMANENT website.

  • American Elections and Assassinations - I wrote this article after the US election fiasco of the year 2000, just to show that there has been a lot of corruption in American elections and power politics starting in 1960 (JFK vs. Nixon), and also tracing American power politics and abuses over the year.

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